how do I create a checklist for myself?

I’m SURE this exists & I just can’t find it, but I work with SMART goals & always keep a running list of them - I’d like to just manage that list somewhere in scrivener - how? where? I’d LOVE if I could have the satisfaction of actually checking something off the list, and/or linking the Scrivening associated with the SMART goals. any suggestions?
thx everyone

You can create a Custom Metadata field called something like Done, and use an outline view like a checklist.

I wrote a blog post showing how to do this. You can view it at


Thanks, Steve. Your blog post is great - super clear & easy to follow, and gives the option of checking off a box (great satisfaction there!)

After I posted my question, I decided to tackle the quandary thru another approach, which was this:
I added a label called “SMART” (I’m trying to keep a list of SMART goals) and then created a collection that pulled together everything with that label. It doesn’t allow me to put them in a specific sequence, nor does it offer the gratifying checkbox, but works and links me directly to the entry that I want to work on.

thanks again!

I suggest using the Labels feature then organizing them to act as a sort of timeline in Scrivener 3 to show a specific order/sequence like you mention.