How do I create a new scene from the corkboard?

I can’t find a button anywhere to do this and it’s apparently not New Text

I just tried this and Ctrl-N (New Text) from my corkboard created a new blank document and card…

Are you using the Beta? The toolbar doesn’t look the same as mine.

But you should be able to use the green + sign in the toolbar to create a new document as well. Also, if you go to the Scrivener preferences, you should be able to alter what it does in corkboard mode when you double-click on the corkboard background. In the beta, that’s under File->Options->Behaviors->Corkboard.

That looks more like 1.9.9 version than the beta version due to the toolbar.

What version is it saying when you open the help/about?

Yes, that is the 1.9.9 version. However, it works the same in beta 17. You have two options using a mouse for creating a new document from the cork board. One, while in corkboard view, press the green + button and you get a new document. If you press the down arrow next to the green + button, you can select other things to create. Two, right click on the corkboard and then select Add from the menu (as shown on your image). From the keyboard, Ctrl+N gets a new document, Ctrl+Shift+N gets a new folder and Ctrl+T,Ctrl+N gets a new document based on a template.