How do I create a passphrase

If I try to login on another tab sometimes I get a button with Login with Passphrase.
When I click on that button I get a QR code with instructions asking for a passphrase to be submitted.

How do I create a passphrase?

Are you talking about Scrivener?

The post is tagged as relating to the forum, but I also have no idea what is being referred to, even within that context. That is not how our login works, and the only thing that presents a QR code (to my awareness) is 2FA setup.

I’m talking about logging into this forum.

How do you setup two factor authentication?

Since you are posting successfully, you have successfully logged in.

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Hit your portait top right, select the bottom icon Profile.
Select Preferences and then the Security tab.

Ah, yes, that is a new feature that I haven’t messed with yet. And of course once in that area, you will see 2FA setup right below passkey setup.

Only until I get logged out - which happened.

Cheers and thanks :slight_smile:

Turns out I was confused. I thought I had to use a passphrase.

I tried logging in via Safari and saw I could use an username/email address and password - which worked.

Sorry for the post and consequent waste of time.

No worries! I had not noticed that feature was added, so it’s good to know it exists, for those that want to use a phone or hardware key to log in.

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