How do I create References/Appendix Pages?

I am new to Scrivener and I apologize for my ignorance in advance.

I am trying to figure out how to place an Reference/Appendix page at the back of the book divided by chapters and numbers within the document and in the end make it hyper-link to the appendix.

For instance If in chapter 1 I have this quote,

"Not all dogs are cats."1

Now the 1 there should be smaller so sorry about that. So imagine a smaller numeral 1 there.

I want that 1 to correspond to the Reference/Appendix page at the back of the book. Where I can expound on that quote if needed AND also place the proper bibliography of where I got the quote from.

Is there a way to do this WITHOUT simply typing out a “tiny” numeral and just writing the appendix? Or is there a tool where I can plug in the info from the book I am referencing and it will format it properly and create an appendix as well as keep track of the “numbers” I am using within the actual chapters of the book?

In the end I want the numbers in the book to hyper-link to the appendix in the back when clicked on; but at this point simply knowing “how” to create this would be a good start.

Welcome to Scrivener and to the forum, peanuts.

I don’t use citations or references of the kind you’re describing. However, because no one has answered your question, I’ll have a go at pointing you in the right directions. As I understand things, there are two alternative ways of doing what you want to do: using Scrivener Links, and using a citation/reference manager such as Bookends or Endnote. Scrivener is designed to be compatible with the most widely-used of these. You can find out more about such citation managers by Googling their names; you can also find threads dealing with them if you search these forums, and some coverage in the Scrivener User Manual (under the Help menu in the application). The User Manual is also the best place to find out more about Scrivener Links.

Hope this helps. Good luck!