How do i delete old snapshots?

I’d like to delete all snapshots over a year old. How do I do that? The search box in the snapshot manager doesn’t process mdate: or cdate: modifiers, and I don’t see how to change the sort order to be by date.

<1y should work.
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At least it does under Windows.

Since there is no such thing as a modification date for snapshots, they are all “cdate”, we don’t need a date prefix and you can just type in the criteria directly.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to make it so “cdate:xdoesn’t fail though. I’ll tack that on to the enhancement ticket regarding failure when mixing criteria though. You should be able to search for "Untitled (Save)" <1y and get only old snapshots automatically created via the snapshot-on-save setting, for instance.

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Thanks! That worked great.