How do I display a font at the right pitch?

I’m trying to get Scrivener to display Courier Final Draft at the right pitch.

It should display 10 characters per inch, like this (in MS Word):
MS Word.jpg

But Scrivener displays about 8 characters per inch, like this:
How do I get the font displayed at the right pitch? Or is this something that Scrivener cannot do?

These screenshots are actual size, and I notice that the font is the same physical size on screen in both shots. What is different is the ruler spacing. My monitor DPI is set at 120 (ie 125% larger than normal). Does this have something to do with it? - i.e. if something is wrong, maybe it has to do with Scrivener’s ruler, not the way it’s displaying the font?

Adjust your zoom control (bottom left of the editor) to 125% (or more if you wish).

And you can specify the default zoom for new projects at Tools | Options | Editor

Thanks, but that doesn’t help. It increases the size of the font and also the ruler. What I want is to correct the pitch - the number of characters per inch.

Ah, okay, my bad. In my experience Scrivener doesn’t seem to respect font scaling (I run at 125% also) and I’ve got to crank up the zoom in scriv just to match the size in word.

But apparently I don’t use monospace fonts much because I’ve never noticed the pitch issue. FWIW, I can confirm that, Courier New at 12 points is 10 pitch in Word and Libreoffice, but 8 in Scrivener.

Hmmm … I was not able to reproduce this.

To calibrate my 1366 x 768 laptop, to view a true size ruler, I had to set Word’s (2010) zoom to 105% and Scrivener’s zoom to 140%. In my case the Courier Final Draft was displayed 10 characters per inch, as expected – in both Word and Scrivener.

When I zoomed in/out of “true size” (drastically), it could look a bit different. But never as much as in the posted pictures above.

I’m running WinXP with all the updates. My monitor size 1920 x 1080, if that is relevant. Display is set to 120 DPI. In the screen shots above, both Scrivener and Word are set at 100% zoom.

The outcome is that one Scrivener ruler inch is just under one true inch, and one Word ruler inch is just under 1.5 true inches.

Personally, I’m not bothered about the screen accuracy of these measurements. But I would like 10 characters of a 10 pitch font to line up with one inch on the ruler.

I did a bit of testing:

Courier New 12, should be 10 pitch.

First LibreOffice, at both 100% font scaling and 125% (96 pixels per inch and 120 respectively)

As you can see Libre Office keeps the same pitch.

Now Scrivener:

For whatever reason in Scrivener at 120 pixels per inch (or 125% font scaling) the pitch apparently changes. Or maybe it’s the ruler display that’s off?

Edit: And one further test - at 150% scaling (144 pixels per inch) the same font appears to be 7 pitch.

The LibreOffice zoom was set to 100% for both tests. Scrivener was at 135% as I find 100% in Scriv too small to use. But changing the Scrivener zoom had no effect on the apparent pitch change.
I’m running Win 7 Pro at 1920 x 1080.

True! (I missed to test @ 120 DPI, sorry).

This is clearly a bug in Scrivener or the verson of the “RichTextBox” Control Scrivener’s using.

Sorry for the late reply here, guys. This is on the bug list. Thanks for all the additional testing!