How do I fix this?

So earlier I posted a thread needing help regarding creating a dividing line inside the Binder to separate different sets of folders within my WIP. It seems that no one knows quite how to accomplish what it is that I am needing, so I decided to move everything into new folders within a separate folder, and I received this “error”. So, does this mean that I am stuck in the folder system that I have, or is there a way to easily fix this?

Here’s a suggestion: why don’t you put (empty) folders at your dividing-line “breakpoints” that are entitled, say, “XXXXXXXXX”? Hopefully such a title will be visible enough for your purposes. (The problem you’re encountering is that the Draft folder is, as the message implies, only for folders and text and text that includes images, because it is only those files that the application is capable of compiling.)

When it comes to dealing with the Compile process, you can select your breakpoints as “not to be included in Compile”.

The original folders contain much more than just text and images. So what you’re telling me is that new folders can’t contain PDFs, videos, or other media, at all? Is there a way to create folders that are the same as the template folders? What exactly makes these folders different than the folders that I used from the template when I began my WIP?

All I’m doing is interpreting for you the message you’ve received above. As far as I can remember - I don’t have Scrivener available to me on the machine on which I’m writing this - anything other than text, and images embedded in text and also, possibly, PDF’s embedded in text, should not be stored in your Draft folder, because such files cannot be compiled, But other media files can of course be stored in your Research folder.

As far as templates are concerned, I’m the wrong person to ask because I don’t use them. But since Scrivener users can creat their own templates, I’d be surprised if fundamentally they behave any differently from non-template files and folders in the Draft folder. However as regards templates, I’m sure the Scrivener Manual is your friend.

Edit: Since I wrote the post above, I’ve read the other thread that you started, seen the advice that JimRac and AmberV have given you, and viewed the screenshot you’ve provided of your folder tructure in your Binder. I think it may be worth your while starting a new project with the Binder and Research folders obvious, and transferring your files and folders into the new structure by dragging and dropping them across from one project to the other. Then it should be more obvious to you where you can put your videos and PDFs (i.e. in the Research folder) and where you can place your text files (i.e. in the Draft folder).

Hi NamoNakiMichi,

It’s a bit tricky to provide specific instructions because you’ve renamed everything.

But really, the only thing you need to keep in mind in your project structure is that the Drafts folder can only contain text. So you need to determine which folder was originally your Drafts folder. In the other thread, Ioa told you how to do that: " It’s pretty easy to tell which is which: the Draft folder cannot have metadata, so its Inspector pane will be devoid of anything beyond project info." That folder (what was originally called Drafts) and its subfolders can only contain text.

Other than that, you can put media, etc. in the folder that was originally called the Research folder, and also in any new folders that you create.