How do I format for simultaneous dialog?

Hi, I’m having trouble in scriptwriting mode with how to format for simultaneous dialog, ie. two different characters speaking simultaneously. Does Scrivener have a format that allows this function? Or can you advise me how to format to be able to do this?
Thank you!


I’m afraid it is not possible to do this in Scrivener, as Scrivener has no way of working in columns.

You could either wait until exporting to Final Draft (or whatever you use) to apply the dual dialogue formatting, or, if you really wanted to print through Scrivener (though for scripts I would always recommend exporting to a dedicated program such as FD for final formatting and submission), you could set up a borderless table for this sort of thing. The trouble is that it might get messed up when exported to FD, so it’s probably safest to leave this until the FD/dedicated script program stage.

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Thank you, Keith - I appreciate the fast reply!