How do I get this binder view?

The ios features page, on the LL website, shows a binder view with text beneath each the title of each document. How do I get that view?

I think you mean this?


That is the Binder displaying Synopses. (Only available on iPad, not iPhone.)

Tap the gear icon in the lower left corner to enable setting Show Synopses. See document The Binder in the iOS Scriv Tutorial for additional details.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

Show Synopses isn’t available in my binder settings.
I could have sworn I saw it there before.

This option is only available when you are viewing the contents of a group, not at the top “binder” level.

Well, that’s extremely handy – suddenly synopses (or initial paragraphs) get a lot more useful…

One more magic, just very well hidden.

  • it does take careful scrutinizing of the Tutorial | The Binder section, to note that you must look in the Binder section of the Project settings – and may only find the Show Synopses item there if you have first selected one of the Binder folders, or something within any of these.
  • Not, a top-level item in the Binder which is not a container. But within any of those (Draft, Research, etc.) , it doesn’t seem to matter if you are on a document or folder.
  • n.b. for Scrivener next version: really, this Binder | Show Synopses choice should be available any time from Project Settings, shouldn’t it? As it affects at Project level, and then there wouldn’t be the invisibility problem, no?
  • …as this is so useful :slight_smile:

Once you actually have it turned on, very happily the Synopsis or first text is present for any item, container or text, and regardless of folder, which means it works just as well in Research, for example, where it may be most usefui of all; at least, will be very useful here.

donated compliment: this makes Scrivener iPadOS even more a gem :slight_smile:

(esp. when Scrivenings-like Draft Navigator returns…checked but not yet on released 15.2 iPadOS, so you know).

Which as I thought about it a bit later, is just the other end of the full abilities to work from the fragments to the whole, isn’t it.

As another side note, considering the hermaneutics of @AmberV 's remarkable Tutorials, I wonder if there’s any other way but their close analysis to grasp all the abilities of either form of Scrivener…!