How do I increase the size of Index Cards?

I am visually impaired, and I finally found out how to increase the font on the cards, but I can only write a few lines on each card. This might be a wish list, but as a software developer I would have put a sizing handle on the bottom of each card, and you should be able to arrange the cards in free form, now they line up like they are left docked so all the cards line up in a row.

Am I missing something, or did I just buy an unfriendly software?

You’re missing how you can make the adjustment. It may be a bit difficult for you to see. At the lower right corner of the clipboard there is a small icon that looks like 4 squares. Click on it and you’ll get to make the adjustments shown here. Unfortunately, free form index cards are only available on the Mac, so you are a bit constrained.

Thank you; are there plans to add free form to the Windows version? Why would they only add features to a Mac version when there are way more Windows users in the world?

The Windows version is relatively new and is still playing catch-up in terms of features. In many cases, because Scrivener started as a native Macintosh program, it relies on features provided by Mac OS that Windows doesn’t provide natively, so coding those features (and all the exact like-for-like behaviors) takes a lot more work.

However, they’re working hard on a complete re-write of both Mac and Windows versions that is expected to bring them to within just a few months of feature parity.

Unless they change how the cork board works, all index cards will conform to a single size, so the control for resizing them (and changing their dimensions) will likely continue to be in one place, rather than as a drag-to-resize corner.

Rearranging the cards affects their placement in the binder, so that’s always going to be the primary way the corkboard works. Unlike a physical cork board, this one will rearrange itself as you drag cards around. On the Mac, the freeform board acts just like a physical one, in that cards can overlap or be unaligned, but if you don’t want them to overlap, then you have to move the other cards out of the way. I’m sure many people find the freeform board useful, but I found it tedious to have to grab cards and move them out of the way, just to move one from the end to the middle (or the outer edge to the middle).

I find Scapple to be much more useful as a free-form idea board, and it has the bonus of Scrivener accepting Scapple notes dragged in as new binder entries.

Thanks Major Major. I just dl’d the program yesterday and read the way to do it in the “Getting Started” tutorial, but forgot it, and needed to use it tonight.

Obviously, I am brand new to this program, but it looks to be a wonderful tool. Again, thanks for answering the other person’s question.

My pleasure, Jonesy.