How do I indent my bullet points left and right?

Simply put, I’m at my wit’s end. I’m trying to finalize my move from Google Docs to Scrivener (mostly to save my computer’s hardware from the punishment that Google Docs offers for larger files).

Since every combination of words I’ve come up with for my Google searches has failed, I will try my best to explain this:

In Google Docs, when I’m creating and editing a bullet point list, I can use (ctrl + [ or ctrl + ]) to indent left or right on my lists. How do I do this in Scrivener? I’ve so far only found that I can indent left, and this may be a tiny issue, but it’s really hampering my ability to work with this software.

Any and all solutions to this would be greatly appreciated. I mean it. You’d be my hero forever.

Many Thanks in advance~

Are you talking about indenting and “outdenting” list items? On my platform (mac) that is done with tab and shift-tab.

Section A.9, page 630 of the WinOS manual has corresponding info for Win.