How do I keep character sheets from stacking using the template?

Sometimes I can add a new one and it creates a new card with the others.

A lot of the time though, it will stack on top of another one. I can’t consistently stop it from doing this. I left click on the empty part of the board a few times to make sure a card isn’t highlighted, and sometimes that works, but often it doesn’t and just stacks it onto a preexisting card.

I can see that being somewhat convenient at times if I want to create a faction or family stack or something, but for individual character sheets I’d like to keep them separate.

The Character tab is selected on the left and not an individual sheet, so that isn’t it. I right click in an empty area of the board, go to add, templates, and select character sheet, and it immediately just stacks it onto a preexisting card about 70% of the time.

What exactly do I have to do to get it to create a new and separate card every time?