How do I make a stlye that doesn't affect italics?

I’m importing a book into scrivener, and I use italics for emphasis. How do I create a style that I can apply to everything without stomping out the italics?

I want to be able to change the font/size easily without destroying the italics.

Save paragraph formatting only by choosing Save paragraph style when you create or redefine the style. If you select Save character attributes or Save all formatting, the result is a style that modifies character attributes, one of which is whether the text is bold, italic, underline, or regular, etc. If the cursor is in regular text when you do it, the style will wipe out all the other options and make it regular. If the cursor is in italics text, the style will wipe out other things and make everything italics.

If it’s a paragraph style, on the other hand, italics, bold, etc. should survive if you use them in the editor, but the style won’t force any of them.

However, if you just want to change the default paragraph and font formatting, you’re better off not styling all of the text, as there’s no “normal” style in Scrivener. Instead it’s styles model is for you to style that which deviates from the norm(al).

If you want all of your projects to default to the same font and paragraphs settings, set up a paragraph to look like what you want in one of your Scrivener documents. Select that paragraph, then go to your preferences in Scrivener, and then Editing->Formatting. Click “Use Formatting in Current Editor”.

If you want your font and paragraph formatting to be specific to this one project, you can start under Project->Project Settings instead.

Then select the binder items that you want to be formatted that way, and select the menu Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting. You’ll be presented with a check-list of what aspects to change, and then it will modified the selected documents accordingly.

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