How do I print synopsis for all chapters in one document

How do I print synopsis for all chapters in one document?

I want a page showing synopsis for ALL chapters on ONE page.


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One way is to print from your outliner view.

  • Select your draft folder in the binder.
  • Open your outliner in the editor. Either click the icon in the menu bar, or choose (View> Outline.)
  • Select which columns you want to view (view > Outliner Options) and check/tick Title and Synopsis. You may need to uncheck some items, and you can check any other options you want to include.

There are multiple ways to just view your chapter synopses. This one assumes your binder is set up in a hierarchal structure with chapters all on the same level.

  • Highlight one of your chapters that is currently visible in the outliner view in your editor, then choose (View>Outline>Collapse all to current level). Now only the chapter titles and synopses should be visible. (Alternatively, manually select your chapters in the binder). At this point, your editor should show the chapter synopses you want to print.
  • Select (file > print preview) to see if it prints on one page and print. If you need to make adjustments, close the preview and select File > page setup OR Print settings.

Hint - if you just want this outline/synopses view as a reference while you work, click on the three dots on the bottom of the outliner view and choose Open > then you have a choice to open it as a quick reference panel, copyholder, or in the other editor. :wink:

(I am on windows, so there may be some variation of details),


Thank you. it printed what i wanted :smile: and before it did also printed in bold just the beginning sentence of each chapter

If you don’t want these temp titles to print, just uncheck “title” from
(View >outliner options)

It sounds like your chapters are not titled. That’s ok. The default temp title when you don’t name your binder items is the first few lines in your editor, and if that’s blank, then the synopsis title or synopsis. If all of these are blank, the title will be ‘new blank …’. These are all shown in your binder in italics and a lighter font than binder items that you purposefully named.

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