How do I put an empty line between paragraphs

I have about 20 stories and each are a separate chapter and am trying to compile a version for Kindle. I am using version 1.0.2 (1506).

Everything is good overall but I want an empty line between paragraphs in the stories. Sounds simple. I have tried checking ‘empty line’ separators in the ‘text’ section’ but nothing changes.

As an alternative I would be willing to indent the words at the beginning of each paragraph and skip the empty line. Seems like I should be able to do either but can’t figure it out.



When say that you have selected empty line separators for the text section layout, have you also ensured that this section layout is assigned to the relevant section types in your project (via Assign Section Layouts in Compile)?

No, in the ‘Assign Section Layouts’ I have chosen “As-Is - Include only the main text, based on its appearance in the editor.”
I don’t see any options with empty lines.

The first line in each paragraph of the 20 stories are indented but that won’t show up in the Kindle version either. I would be okay if that worked and skip the empty line option. But I would to know how to do either the empty line or the indentations.

You said:

That will only work if your text is set to use the “Text Section” Layout. But you say:

This will be your problem. You need to edit the Compile Format (i.e. Ctrl-click on the “Ebook” format in Compile and select “Duplicate & Edit…”) and then set up the text as you want it. In your case the first thing you probably want to try is editing the “Base text formatting” in the “CSS” area and set it up to have a “paragraph spacing before” of 12pt using the line spacing options.

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Thank you very much. I am understanding the process better and have the chapters the way I would like them.

I have one mystery left. I cannot get the title page to print in a larger size print. It seems to default to Times Roman 12, same as the forward and the stories in the book.

The title page is in front matter and I have it set to ‘As-Is’ because I don’t want a ‘Section Title’ at the top of the page and the ‘As-Is’ option is the only one without a section title. I also tried changing the 'Section Type for the title page to Heading and ‘As-Is’ but still get Times Roman 12.

What am I missing?

The thing to bear in mind is that ePub 3 and Kindle KF8/Mobi exports work a little differently from the old ePub 3 and Kindle Mobi exports. They produce much cleaner and better HTML and CSS, but as a result they require you to use styles when you want your text formatted differently from the base text. So, if you want a piece of text to use a larger font, use a paragraph style that includes a larger font size. This will carry through to the ebook whereas simply setting the font size directly will not. (In part, this is because of the routines we have to use to produce the HTML5 necessary for ePub 3 and KF8, but it does result in nicer HTML too.)


I figured out how to add a style for the Title Page. Thanks again for your help.