How do I reduce the Section Size when I compile my document to print and why does text size print smaller?

When I go to compile to print, my section size creates a huge blank white space at the beginning of each chapter. The text starts appearing halfway down the page. I’ve searched and searched for an answer, but can’t find one. See attached image.

This gap does not appear when I simply want to print a single chapter, but another problem emerges: My font size appears to look like “11” instead of “12”. The margins are also much larger. It appears Scrivener is shrinking the page. See attached image.

So, #1: How can I reduce the section size so every chapter does not start with this large gap?

#2: Why is the font size appearing smaller when I print?

Thank you!

I did more research and discovered my “Chapters” were labeled as “Sections”, which is confusing. I simply created my project last year and began creating my chapters. Researching more, but would appreciate ideas and feedback!



Slàinte mhòr.

Thank you so much for your reply! With appreciation!