How do I remove auto-numbering from Front Matter?

I’m writing a novel with Front Matter.

I don’t want any numbers of any kind on the Front Matter pages which if the Title page is included are a total of 8 pages.

How do I remove auto-numbering from appearing on these eight pages?

Of course, I want the number “1” to start appearing on the first page of the story. In other words, in this case, I want the auto-numbering to start on page 9.

Thank you :smiley:

There remains no way to do that in Scrivener. The front matter feature is more for hot swapping content than making any kind of layout decisions with it. You’ll just need to open up your compiled RTF file in the word processor of your choice and fix the page numbering there.

Amber, thank you, but I hope you’r wrong about this…

I have spend ten hours, at least, reading and trying to figure this out.

It’s insane. This would have been so easy to program into the Formatting window, or, in fact, there could be a Placeholder Tag that says: <n,no> that can be placed on the text document. Then the system would know not to put a number on that page … and continue numbering after that Tag does not appear on the pages, or alternatively, if it is the Front of Book, start numbering when there are no more pages with <n,no> on them.

Does anyone know how to remove this numbering from the Front Matter within Scrivener Windows?


Well to be clear we do plan to expand the role of the Front Matter feature in the future, it’s just not all there yet.

For now it’s an easy fix in a word processor. Most projects are going to need to make that transition anyway. It isn’t usual that Scrivener would handle all of your formatting. Its purpose has always been more toward the writing side of things.

Okay. All the books about this program are all deceptive because their authors must know what can and can’t done but they leave it out so their books won’t become outdated. Yikes. I spent ten hours reading through every blog and book I could find.

It sure would save time if you folks could make a list of all the things that the Windows version does not do that the Mac version does. For example:

a. You can’t make a simple change inside of Scrivener to remove auto-numbering in Front Matter. There is a fix but it requires learning how use another program. Sorry.


How about this:

(1) I know I can put <$n> and get lower case Roman numerals to print on the page. Is there a tag that can appended to <$n> that will make the Roman numeral print out on the bottom of the pagem and at the same prevents the corresponding Arabic number from printing on the same page?

Thank you


The front matter feature was only just added to the Windows version in the last update. Of course it won’t be discussed in any books yet. I suppose we could have just left it out entirely because it doesn’t do everything the Mac version does yet, but that seems a bit silly. It is useful as it is for many things.

I’m sorry you were under the impression that Scrivener was designed for publication tasks. That has never been its purpose. It is for writing, and the various tasks involved in writing, alone. Nearly everyone that is self-publishing is going to require multiple tools in order to finish the project, just like the pro houses do. What I’m describing here is a routine five minute fix. It’s not even worth mentioning.

There already is a list, right in this very forum, pinned to the top: Differences Between the Mac and Windows Versions. This one has not yet been updated for the 1.7 release however, so it has some things listed that are no longer missing.

All of the placeholder tags are documented in the appendix by the same name in the user manual. You can also insert common counter tokens, such as the <$r> tag for lowercase Roman numerals, in the Edit/Insert/Auto-Number/ sub-menu.

But nothing is going to “block” the page number from within the text editor.