How do I select text and tell it to stop being a link?

Sorry for the computer nitwit title…

I am new to Scrivener. Loving it so far!

I am copy-pasting links into the body text of a document in my research file and they are converting automatically to clickable links, which is great. But then when I continue typing, all the rest of the text is added to the link, even if I add a space or a paragraph. I can’t seem to find a “remove formatting” or “remove link” button to convert my notes after the link back into normal text.


Easiest solition: Type a space, back-arrow, paste the link, forward arrow, start typing. That’s a faster solution than changing the formatting.

Update: I now see the text that I type is not a hyperlink, it is just text that has taken over the blue colour and the underlining of the hyperlink. So the whole thing is not one big hyperlink, only the pasted url is the hyperlink. So I can indeed (as the poster above implicitly says) change the formatting to black and not underlined.

Still, it would be good if an enter would make the text go back to the original formatting like it does in Word.

There is no “original formatting” in Scrivener. The “normal” text has “no style” so it will just have whatever formatting you give it, like bold, underline, color, etc. In your case this means that you have pasted text with a special format and Scrivener has no way of knowing that you don’t want it. You have to either remove the formatting, or not give the text that format to begin with, e.g. by doing what I suggested. Or by pasting the url using Paste and match format.

This is pretty dumb – pasting a link shouldn’t require interrupting your train of thought to have to work around the issue. Why not just paste the link followed by a standard space in the same format as the active text at the place of insertion?

It’s a ‘dumb’ issue that’s been around since the ‘Difference Machine’, well since the first WYSIWYG interface, and is not restricted to links. Select text and add a format. Unless there is a space after the selected text, if you keep typing the format continues. This applies to every app I can think of across Win/Linux/Mac.

As a genealogist, we have our own formatting of links that may work for you. I have to agree that it’s very annoying when it auto-formats after URLs. I finally tried my genealogy formatting and it worked perfectly,

I simply type <> and place my cursor in the middle, then paste it. and done. It’s actually helpful later when I want to copy the URL again, because it won’t select the brackets but when you copy it without any brackets it sometimes selects another part of unrelated text.

Good luck! The truth is that there are not many annoyances with Scrivener. I love it! I’ve used it for years.