How do I select text and tell it to stop being a link?

Sorry for the computer nitwit title…

I am new to Scrivener. Loving it so far!

I am copy-pasting links into the body text of a document in my research file and they are converting automatically to clickable links, which is great. But then when I continue typing, all the rest of the text is added to the link, even if I add a space or a paragraph. I can’t seem to find a “remove formatting” or “remove link” button to convert my notes after the link back into normal text.


If you select the text and right click you should see Remove Link in the contextual menu, if the text is actually a link and it isn’t just formatted like one.

Suddenly the entire text in a doc has link format. Why is that? How could I avoid it and reverse it?

You can Ctrl-Z it out if it just happened.
Else : Select all text, then :

Thank you.

You can Ctrl-Z it out if it just happened.

Does not help here unfortunately. Respectively it would make my edits, inputs undone, Die würde ich lieber behalten.

Why does the text suddenly have link format? How could I avoid that?

Else : Select all text, then :

So I also would remove the link format from the links? Actually, that wouldn’t be so good.