How Do I Separate My Work From The Tutorial?

I went through the tutorial, bought the program and began importing the segments (chapters of my novel) into Scrivener as a new project. Scrivener then inserts the chapters into its Draft under Basics with all of the other tutorial stuff around it. When I make notes for the corkboard for my novel the corkboard still shows the tutorial’s notecards. How do I create my own binder with my own notecards and corkboard? How do I get past the tutorial so I can only view it through the help menu?

The tutorial is already a Scrivener project with stuff in it, so you need to open up a new blank project for your novel. With Scrivener open, click on FILE in the top left corner then NEW PROJECT. From there you can either click on BLANK in the list below ‘Getting Started’, or select one of the pre-prepared novel templates. I always just start with a blank project.

That’s what I did, but it put the title of the book in place of “Draft” but hid all of my work that I dragged into it. Everything under that is still the tutorial information and none of my note cards show up on the corkboard (Inspector yes, corkboard, no). What am I doing wrong?

There shouldn’t be any of the Tutorial files in your new project, so it sounds like you are adding stuff to the Tutorial project, rather than starting with a new blank project.

Have you tried opening up a new blank project from your current project?


Then put the title of your novel in the SAVE AS box and hit CREATE. You should then have a totally new project with none of the tutorial information in it. You can then close the tutorial project and just use the new one.

Better yet, CLOSE the tutorial project first.

Then create a new blank Project.

(It does sound like you are thinking of a project as something you create in the binder within the project window. But that is not right. The entire project window, binder and all, constitutes the project. Things you create IN the binder (mostly, documents and folders) are the contents of the project you have open.