How do I start typing in the middle of the screen

Hi folks.

I’d like my typing to start in the middle of the screen when I use composition mode .
At the moment, it starts at the top.
Can this be done? If so, does anyone know how?

I’ve searched the forum and the manual and can’t seem to find the instruction.


I’m afraid that the cursor will always be at the top in an empty document. However, if you turn on the Typewriter scrolling feature (View>Text Editing>Typewriter Scrolling) when the text gets to the centre of the screen the cursor will stay there and the document will then scroll as you type.

In Preferences/Editing/Options you can set the scrolling point to different levels but you will always have to start at the top until you reach that point.

Hey Rob,

That’s what I thought but good to get confirmation.

Thanks for taking the time to answer…