How do I tell scrivener to put Chapter headings in document?

Hi all and Happy Easter,
New to Scrivener - what an incredible tool!! Downloaded beta edition 3-23-11 for Windows.
I write novels and I have been through the tutorials, and the blog, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to tell the program to number the splits into different chapters.
Probably missing it, but can anyone answer this for me?
Is there an example on how to do a template for this?
Even after compile and sending the document back to Word 2007 there are no chapter headings.

Thanks for trying the beta. When you compile, check the Elements tab. You’ll find a matrix of checkboxes with binder “types” on one side and element types on the other. This lets you assign different element outputs for folders vs. files vs. groups of files (files within files). To export the title, click the appropriate Title checkbox for the type. A common tactic is to use folders for chapters and parts, and files within those folders for scenes. This way you can export titles for your chapters and leave titles turned off for scenes. For non-fiction, which often names sub-chapter sections, this is where the File Group can come in handy. You can use file groups for sections and folders for chapters. Chapters may not export their folder text (if they have any), but File Groups will export both a title and the text, while Files just export text—so that’s another simple example.

In the current release, that’s how much control you have. If you want each chapter to say “Chapter n: Title of Chapter”, you’ll have to rename your items “Chapter <$n>: Title of Chapter” in their cards. In the future, you’ll be able to tack on the "Chapter <$n>: " part during the compile process, keeping your binder clean of structural information and replacement tokens.

And just tacking onto Ioa’s comment, if you don’t see the “Elements” tab in Compile, click the “…” button to get the expanded view.