How do I transfer my manuscript?

How do I put my manuscript into Scrivener? Do I have to transfer each chapter individually? That would take a lot of time. Can it be transferred all at once?

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Yes, it’s called Import and Split on the File > Import menu. Either Split on a token or on the Level in the header styles.
If necessary, manually split with the Document > Split or Document > Split with Title commands.


I’m sorry, but that makes no sense to me.

First question might be, transfer from what?

If it’s Word or any app capable of exporting in .doc/x or .rtf, then as above, Import and Split is simple.

You can quickly go through the doc and enter a # (the default token in the import and split menu option, but you can change if you want) after each scene/section and it will import it and split into those sections in the Binder.

If you are that new to Scrivener and struggle with the Scrivener manual (it is VERY comprehensive), I (Robert Roughton) and @AntoniDol both have books on Scrivener on Amazon that make the learning process (IMHO) significantly easier.


Thank you…I guess. I think I need to walk away from it a bit. My brain is on overload.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of Scrivener’s fundamental operations.


Start Scrivener and open het File menu en select Import > Import and Split.
In the dialog that opens, select one of the two import methods, then point to your Manuscript and click Import.
If there are no repeated characters at the beginning of a chapter, enter some beforehand.


Thanks for the tips.