How Do I Update to the Latest Version?

How do I update Scrivener to the latest version?

Also, it would be easier for users if Scrivener automatically updated or if the “needs update” message would direct you to a Scrivener webpage that has a button saying “Click Here For Update.”


You can always download the latest version here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

Updating from Windows Scrivener 1 to Windows Scrivener 3 is not automatic because it’s a paid upgrade. People tend to get upset when things that will cost them money happen unexpectedly.

I bought Scrivener two years ago and have been updating. I followed the link above and it downloaded the trial version. How do I update the version that I purchased?

You’re entitled to a free upgrade to version 3, but you’ll need a new serial number. Instructions on how to get it are here: