How do I use brackets rather than superscript for endnote numbering in the body text?


I’m new to using endnotes in Scrivener and have to write a paper for a journal whose guidelines ask me to “Use brackets rather than superscript for endnote numbering in the body text”.

Rather than superscript, they want the numbering like this… (1)… in the body of the text.

I can change the format of the endnotes themselves but I can’t work out how to change the style of the numbering in the body of the text. Any help gratefully received.


I think you’ll have to do this in your word processor after compiling. If you use Nisus Writer Pro, it would simply mean opening the style sheet, setting the “Note Reference” to non-superscripted, and putting [ before the number and ] after it in the “Footnote” style. I can’t say for Word, which I don’t have, or Mellel, which I have but don’t really use.

By the way, by “brackets”, I would assume they mean [ ], rather than parentheses, i.e. ( ).

Hope that helps.


Thanks Mark!

That’s enormously helpful. I can’t work out how to do it in Word but I downloaded the trial version of Nisus Writer Pro and that does the job as you described. Guess I’m buying Nisus, it looks useful.



My pleasure. NWP is a great word processor and has a truly helpful community on the forum, including some who are real experts in the macro language and give their time willingly.

Further advantages of NWP are that: (1) like Scrivener, it’s a very extensive development of the Apple TextKit and uses RTF as its native format, so compile to RTF from Scrivener and open automatically in NWP; (2) it works extremely well with Bookends as a reference manager—I don’t know about Zotero, Papers, Mendeley, EndNote etc. as I’ve always been a Bookends user—with the ability to scan the RTF to convert temporary citations into full citations and build the bibliography without having to leave NWP.

I’ve tried other word processors, but always come rapidly back to NWP.



Just a footnote: One way to make a go of this for Word would be simply to use literal brackets around in-line footnotes in Scrivener. On compile to Word all your endnote numerals should then be bracketed. All that would remain is de-superscripting the reference numerals.


p.s. As common as the bracket-number style of citation is, I am very surprised to hear that Word doesn’t have provision for that. Wonder if we are missing something here.

Found this answer on site for targeting footnote or endnote refs for search and replace in Word:

Haven’t tried it, but looks plausible. Not mentioned there wouks also be the need to set the format of the replace to de-superscript the numeral.