How Do I Use Compile to Show Information in the Editor in Outline Mode?

How Do I Use Compile to Show Information in the Editor in Outline Mode?

One of the non-writing uses that I have for Scrivener is to keep track of various Car trips that a couple of friends and I take.

I list the places, and have used Scrivener’s meta-data capabilities to note things like:
Place Name
Visited or To Visit
Museum Type
Admission Fee Y/N
Opening Hours

I have also used Labels to colour code the types of place according to whether they are of historic interest, military etc…

I would like to send my friends a PDF which gives as much visual information as possible at a glance.

So, is there any way to Compile the visual appearance of what is in the Editor when I go into Outline Mode?

Outline mode displays all of the information I mention above, but I cannot figure out if I can Compile in this way.

If I only had one screen of information I would just use a screen capture, but I have several screens worth, so would like to compile to PDF.

Thanks for any replies.

Isn’t there a Metadata tab in the Print dialogue? You could print to a PDF file…

With the outliner as the current view :
File / Print settings
Then File / Print current document
→ Print to PDF

When set up to print look at preview, can use different colored text and keyword colors, this is how mine would look in print preview window.

Thanks, GoalieDad,

Unfortunately, that is not what I am looking to produce.

I will post a screenshot of what I see in the Editor, and what I was hoping I could generate within Scrivener, rather than having to resort to screen captures.

Thanks, Antoni.

Please see my replies to Vincent_Vincent and GoalieDad for a response to this.

If you want a spreadsheet-like view, you can Export to .csv and import to the spreadsheet program of your choice.

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Thanks, Vincent_Vincent,
Unfortunately, none of the options in the File / Print Settings (and sub-menus) achieve the result I am looking for.

I will post a screenshot below of what I am trying to generate.

Here is a screen capture of the content of my Editor - and this is just one of several screens.

I was hoping that I would be able to use Compile to generate this (in one action), as opposed to having to do several different screen captures, but it seems like I might have to resort to screen shots / captures after all.

Try @kewms suggestion.
If print to PDF is not up to your expectations, that’s your best bet. (I think.)

Thanks, Katherine.

Unfortunately, that would defeat my hope to generate the result I would like to result in an economical way - it is going to be less trouble, and quicker, to just use a series of screen captures.

Thanks, Vincent_Vincent.

Unfortunately, Katherine’s suggestion would mean more effort than doing screen captures, so that is what I am going to have to do.

Ok then, here is how I’d proceed. (I don’t think you really need advice on this, but I’ll give it anyways. :slight_smile: There’s just nothing you can do about it. Mouhahaha)

If you first test a couple of screenshots until you find the right size while adjusting Scrivener’s editor/display size, once that is done, page down should take you right on the nose for the next screenshot.
All you have then to do is use the editor’s edges as guides for the subsequent screenshots.

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“Economical” is in the eye of the beholder.

Spreadsheets have the virtue of giving much more formatting flexibility and being editable. YMMV.

Thanks very much, Vincent_Vincent - that is an excellent idea, and I will try it.

If I had not given any context for what I consider economical , I would agree with you - but I clearly state in a couple of places in this thread what I am trying to do (and therefore what I consider economical) - e.g., “…in one action” - and you cannot get more economical than that.

So, no “in the eye of the beholder” here at all.