How do I use EndNote with Scrivener?

Hi everybody. I’ve been trying to add EndNote X8 as a citation manager, but I can’t figure out how. Maybe I’m just blind to some obvious option somewhere. Do any of you guys know what to do?

Hi, LL,

I am a longtime Endnote user and do use it with Scrivener. If you search this forum, you will find detailed discussions of the ins and outs of working with citations and bibliographic material, and Endnote in particular.

But here is a quick answer for you: You will use what Endnote refers to as ‘temporary citations’ when working in Scrivener. Temp cites are what the Copy command places on the clipboard when you have a cite or some cites selected in Endnote. You paste these wherever you want to place a reference in your text. If you have not worked with temporary cites before, you should check out the Endnote manual to learn the various ways to properly customize them (add pg numbers, suppress author name, etc.).

Then, when you are ready to compile your draft, you can do this in a number of ways. You can compile to Word format and then open the result in Word and tell Endnote to format your citations and generate a bibliography – this works using Endnote’s CWYW plugin for Word. Alternatively, you can bypass Word altogether by compiling to rtf format. The Endnote app can process RTF files directly. After you have Endnote do that, you would need to do whatever touchup you want to do in an app that can read rtf files.

Hope this is helpful. If you have been used to using (aka spoiled by) Endnote’s CWYW plugin in for Word, this will be a different way of working. When you get used to it, you may come to see, as many Endnote users here do, that it is a preferable way of working - it is simple, textually-transparent and keeps you in charge. It also has the clear advantage of making your writing less locked-in and vulnerable to becoming inaccessible due to shifts in proprietary complexities.


P.S. Note, you can set Endnote as your citation manager in Scrivener. This just enables the cmd-Y shortcut in Scriv to (to launch and) bring forward Endnote when you invoke it.