How do you adjust the space between a bullet and the text in a list?

Dear community,
since the last update the bullet list is different. The space between the bullet and the following text is larger than before.
I’d like to know how I can adjust this space. Especially in the notes section it takes a lot of the visible space if the gap between the bullet and the text is too big. Then I have to scroll down more to see all of the text. But I can’t find anything to adjust tab spaces or indents in the notes section.
Can you help me?

Format > Paragraph > Tabs and Indents works on bullet lists in the Notes pane of the Notes tab in the Inspector, when you select the bulleted text.
Paragraph Indents of First Line: 0 cm, Left: 0,5 cm, Right 0 cm should do the trick. Tab settings are not relevent.
The Setting doesn’t persist between documents, but a Paragraph Style can be made and applied to make this easier.