How do you Change or Deactivate Auto backup?

How do you change or deactivate the automatic backups? Mine seems to be set for 6 seconds, as the little asterisk at the top stays on that long each time I make any change. Problem is, while it’s backing up, the screen is ‘jerky’ when I try to move notes and stalls when I try to type anything, until the asterisk goes off. It kind of drives me nuts, since I have to wait that long while brainstorming, between each note or action.

Please help.

Any ideas how to change this? I can’t find any way in settings, and it’s buggin’ me. :unamused: :slight_smile:

Hello, this is actually just a regular old save, not a backup, there is no way to turn saving off. The program doesn’t make any automated backups like Scrivener does (assuming that is what you meant). Six seconds to save a document is a very long, and can probably be optimised. The first thing to check is where the file is being saved to. If you are using USB stick drive, this may be the cause. It may be worth your while to simply copy it to the computer’s desktop to work on, and then back to the stick when you’re done for the session. Working straight off of stick drives can reduce their lifespan, on top of being really slow.

The second thing to check for is content. Text should not pose a problem, even tons of it, but embedded pictures can add a lot of weight to a file and slow things down. That doesn’t mean you have to remove the pictures, but using another file format or saving them with higher compression can mean the difference between megabytes and kilobytes. The former may add seconds to open and save, whereas the latter should be fairly instantaneous.

Thanks for responding, Amber. :slight_smile:

I’m saving to my computer, not a stick, and it’s just plain text, no pics.

The little asterisk stays on for 6 seconds whenever I do anything, and I can’t move notes, etc while the asterisk thingy is on saving or whatever.

The asterisk will appear whenever there are unsaved changes. When it goes away, that means the file has been saved. Saving should in theory be deferred while you are doing stuff, but if you happen to do stuff right when it saves there may, under normal conditions, be a little stutter. What you are describing still isn’t normal at all though.

Have you tried creating a brand new board, just as an experiment, with one or two notes in it and seeing if the same problem occurs? If not, try dragging your notes from the troublesome board into the new one and see if that clears it up. If it does, it would be helpful for us to see the original file—it may be helpful for us to see it anyway as it may be there is a bug that has caused an usually large amount of clutter within it. You can send it to support if you want, just let them know the URL of this forum thread so they can see this history of the case.

I tried a new board, but it does the same thing.