How do you change Scapple's key-bindings?

How do I make Scapple stop trying to teach me new key commands? I do not want to use brand new key commands just to zoom in and out of the interface. This is extremely confusing, non-intuitive, and the number one reason I warn people away from using Scapple. For example, is there no way for me to just use command +/- to zoom in and out, as is an expected pattern in most applications?

Does anyone know how to tackle this?
Any hacks?
I have a large project in Scapple but at this point I think I am going to have to switch to other software that’s less frustrating.

One of the first principles of interaction design: Consistency with User Expectation

“The most important consistency is consistency with user expectations”—William Buxton**

It doesn’t matter how fine a logical argument you can put together for how something should work. If users expect it to work a different way, you will be facing an uphill and often unwinnable battle to change those expectations. If your way offers no clear advantage, go with what your users expect.

Just change them in (macOS) System Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts…

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Be aware, though, that Scapple currently uses Cmd+ and Cmd- to increase/decrease font size. So you’ll need to reassign shortcuts for that command as well.

(And that’s also the reason why Scapple uses a “non-standard” shortcut in the first place. Scrivener, TextEdit, and other applications based on the Mac OS text kit all use Cmd +/- for font size.)

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Just change them in (macOS) System Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts

Oh. My. God. Thank you. I had shortcuts set up in there from years ago, so clearly, this is a trick I used to know but long since forgot. Thank you for re-teaching me the old magic.