How do you change the choices for Comment Background color?

Is there any way to change the selection of comment background colors? When I add a new comment, I have a choice between 6 colors that are pastel. The one labeled red looks pink, etc. I would like to at least be able to change the color to a true red, for example, and it would be ever so helpful if I could change the text beside it from ‘red’ to ‘Fact Check’ or some such.

Right now I have to go to the rainbow colored box at the bottom of the list labeled more, which will let me change ONLY the color of the single selected comment background.

Can I customize this?? :open_mouth: Please help! I have a ton of comments in pastels that are hard to differentiate, and have an index card I keep referencing for what each too light color is supposed to indicate.


Oof, disappointed that this post hasn’t gotten a response. This is my biggest complaint about Scrivener 3 as well. I absolutely love the Dark Mode theme, but the Notes are not at all user friendly…pastels with white text? I wish I could edit the default colors AND select a different default text color. Last chosen text color doesn’t even carry over to new notes the way the note color does. :confused:

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Is there any plan to either allow us to specify our own default set of comment background (and maybe text) colors? At a minimum, the default set should correspond to the currently selected theme. The current set of bright pastel backgrounds with white text is jarring in Dark Mode. One might say ugly. I sure wouldn’t want my software to be regarded as ugly. :slight_smile:

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