How do you create a Prologue and compile?

I have Scrivener version 3.1.5 for Apple iMac running macOS Catalina 10.15.4
All latest versions.
(I also have a Scrivener licence for Microsoft on record but do not use Microsoft only Apple iMac.)

I have a 4 part novel and want to add a prologue.
I am compiling for PDF using Manuscript Courier and successfully have compiled front matter, part numbers at the start of each part and the chapters within each part. However, I want to add a prologue with the heading ‘PROLOGUE’ that will have a 25 page preamble to the novel.
I have attempted to follow the tutorial and the previous requests from users to create a prologue but I am confused.
Can you please help with a simple guide?
Thanks in advance!

I’m going to assume you’re familiar with section types and section formats, and how to make a section format apply to a document that is assigned to a section type.

It’s fairly simple to create your own section type; go to Project->Project Settings and in the Section Types area, and add something like “prologue”.

Then manually assign the prologue section type to your prologue document (I’m assuming only one document). This can be done in the inspector when you are viewing the contents of your prologue document, or you can do it in the right pane of the compile window.

Then in the compile window, you need to assign a section format that conforms to what you want your prologue to look like: I assume you want it to be titled according to the document name in the binder, and that you don’t want it to automatically add “CHAPTER 1” (thus starting chapter numbering in the wrong place). There should be a section format with just the title, formatting the text the same way as your chapters are, so once you’ve picked that out, compiling should give you the desired outcome.

Thanks rdale, I’ll give it a try…