How do you get word count?

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Ok, nevermind, I was browsing through threads and saw how when another poster posted a pic of a feature he wanted unrelated to word count lol Sigh.

Am I correct that this is not what the Window version can look like now, just the Mac? … tliner.jpg

Because if you see in that picture word counts are included in the top pane but when I get a pane that looks like that, It only has Title, Synopsis, Label, and Status. Word counts are just at the bottom of the editing panes.

If you have View>Layout>Show Footer View on then you’ll get a live word count per document as you type in the editor; this will include inline annotations and footnotes, since it just gives you a count of everything displayed in the editor. If you have multiple documents open in a Scrivenings session, then the footer count will add them all up.

To see a more accurate count of what you’ll get when you compile your project, you can open Project>Project Statistics. This uses your current compile settings to calculate the word count for your compiled document, so it will exclude annotations if they’re set to be removed on compile, it will include titles if they’re set to be included, etc.

You can also use Project>Project Targets if you want to keep track of how much you’re writing during a session (ie, from the point you open the project to when you close it) since that will count across multiple documents and build up from zero to give you a kind of daily writing count.

EDIT: Nope, that screenshot is from the Windows version. You just need to open the outliner in your editor and then select View>Outliner Columns>Word Count to add that to your view. (It’ll probably appear off screen and you’ll need to scroll or resize the column headers so you can see it.) You can also add the Target and Progress columns if you want.

Check out the screenshot. I have Show Footers on, and in that first pic, you can see word counts, but not in my screenshot.

Oooohhhh View Outline Columns Word Count… thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Now it does all I need, word processing and word count lol I guess it has a learning curve but it seems like a great piece of software.

A bit of a learning curve, since it is quite a bit different from a standard word processor, but hopefully not too rough a one to at least get started–a lot can be picked up on a need-to-know basis. If you haven’t already you might want to give the Interactive Tutorial* a whirl (available from the Help menu or the Getting Started section of the New Projects panel); there’s also a Quick Tour in the User Manual that shouldn’t take too long to get through. You can grab the latest version of the User Manual from the website here. (It should be available from within the program but I’m afraid we goofed on that this last beta–it’ll be fixed with the update next week.)

The footer just shows the word count for a document when it’s in the text-editing view, yeah. In the corkboard and outliner you can right-click a document and see its wordcount at the bottom of the context menu (though for the outliner if you want this information regularly it’s definitely easier to turn on that column).

  • If you open the tutorial and find that things seem completely out of whack–that the text in the document seems unrelated to the title or out of order–try downloading the project I uploaded here and using that instead. A few users have had an issue trying to load the tutorial project and I’m still working on the problem there, but just in case you should experience it I want you to be able to get up and running with the correct version!

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