How do you print the corkboard..

…as included in the list of new features for 1.5.3?

Have the corkboard active in the Editor and then go into File > Print Preview (or press ++P )

Thanks, I see. Are there any options? - like setting the card size, or are we stuck with three to an a4 page? Can we leave out the metadata, and the keyword colours?

I don’t know about changing size / dimensions, but you can leave out the metadata by pressing +F12 while on the corkboard. This will remove keywords from the index cards themselves and allow you to print clean. +F12 will restore them again once you’ve printed.

Thank you! And in case anyone else finds this useful, F9 will toggle whether the label colours are printed.
For me, though, as long as the cards can’t be sized, then this has limited use.

Unfortunately I ran into a hiccup with pigfenders solution. The first time I hit ctrl-F12 the metadata didn’t print - as expected. And ctrl-F12 put every thing back like it was supposed to be. A few minutes later I printed again, to a different printer and when I pressed ctrl-F12 to restore the metadata it was ALL GONE - every single keyword - from over 100 cards.