How do you save different drafts?

Just wondering, what are people doing to keep track of different drafts? Snapshots or some other system?

I have seen people duplicate the draft folder by selecting all the files inside and then duplicated them. Now move those into newly created folder inside your Research section labeled D (or Draft) 1,2,3 etc. I also use snapshots as edit as well for any major changes in a scene and often add a title if looking thru multiple snapshots to find the one I want to compare to.

I would just rely on the zip backups as they are clearly timestamped and there is no chance to confuse them with the current version of the project.

Hi Cazomatic, and welcome to the forum.

It depends on the project. For my short stories, I’ll duplicate the first draft’s documents and move those documents to a folder outside the Draft/Manuscript root folder. I’ll repeat that with each round of revisions.

For novels, I use the File > Back Up > Back Up To... command and tick the box for “Back up as ZIP file” option. I name that ZIP with the revision number and keep the date and time it was created in that backup’s name.

I also use the Revision Mode in Scrivener for each round of revisions. I’ll sometimes use the labels, status tracker, and snapshots as well.

I use snapshots.
It is like traveling in the past.

But as you can see, to each his/her own way.
There is no right or wrong answer to your question.
Find what works best for you.
(I believe pretty much all the in app possibilities have been listed in previous posts.)