How do you save Scrivener files locally?

Hi Everyone,

I am new, and excited to use the program. At the moment I only have one concern. I want to be able to save files on my local computer, not OneDrive. Is there a way to do this?

You save Scrivener files just liked you would any other program (word etc.). When you start you will be asked where you wish to save it. If you want to save them outside OneDrive then choose elsewhere.

BTW, I save mine to OneDrive but make sure that they are set to always stay on the machine.

@philwild’s advice is sage.

However, I’m wondering how you got the impression that you could not save the Scrivener project files on your local drive.

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Hi Philwild,

I wasn’t sure because I thought I had already changed where to store files, but I keep seeing the OneDrive folder in my files. But I just opened a newer file and it does look like I fixed it.

If go File>Options>Backup will see at bottom of various options the location of your backup folder with the option to open the backup folder to show your backups are ending up there. I use Google Drive and have files set to offline so on local computer and cloud. Don’t know but suspect OneDrive has a similar option. I also backup my novel when actively writing on a usb drive as additional safety feature. Use File> Backup to , to do additional backups as desired to anyfolder on computer, attached usb, or external drive. Always suggest multiple ways to backup your active projects to prevent disasters.

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You can chose to save your files where ever you like be that locally on your computer, a network drive on your intranet, or in the cloud. However, saving to the cloud has some issues especially when the could service decides that your files are better stored on its server than locally on your computer and duplicated on their servers. Looking at you Dropbox.

I chose to save my Scrivener projects locally and in the cloud using a local directory on my Macs which is linked to Dropbox. This then allows me to work on my texts whether sat, as now, at my desk in my study typing into my desktop Mac, hospital waiting room typing into either my MacBookPro laptop, my iPad, or iPhone.

But whichever location you choose the location is entirely up to you.

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