How do you Select All text? Also Thesaurus?

I’ve got a couple problems with my Windows version of Scrivener I’m struggling with.

  1. I cannot Select All the text in my manuscript. I can only select text of one scene at a time using Select All. I’ve tried highlighting everything in the binder and just viewing the whole manuscript to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix this?

edit: I feel I should add that I want to change the font and spacing for everything all at once and cannot even do this if I go through and highlight all of my scenes at once. It will only change the scene that I can currently see on my screen. Very frustrating.

  1. Is there a way to view a Thesaurus within Scrivener offline?

I’ve just started using the trial version and really love it except for these couple of things so I hope there is a solution I’ve overlooked.


IIRC you can’t select all the text at once in Scrivening mode (i.e. ‘virtual document’) as this is a limitation of the toolkit on which Scrivener for Windows is built for the time being. A new version (v3) will apparently address this as it will have all the feature of the Mac version, where you can select the text of all documents together.

However, there is an way of changing the format of more than one document at once:

  1. In Tools > Options, make sure you have set up the default formatting for new documents exactly as you want the to look – font, tabs, line spacing etc etc.

  2. In the Binder select all the documents you want to update.

  3. Find the menu option ‘Convert Documents to Default Text Format’ and apply it.

I don’t have the Windows version to hand so I can’t remember the exact wording of the command, or even which menu it’s on (try Documents > Convert), but its there somewhere…

Don’t know the answer to question 2, sorry.

In Windows, it is indeed Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. I haven’t tried this with all Binder documents selected, but it would be worth a look.

All the writing tools in Scrivener, such as Thesaurus, are links to online resources, so it would not be possible to use them offline AFAIK.