How do you sync your computers?

I posted this in the ‘Tips and Tricks’ part of the forum, but no one replied, so I thought I’d try posting it here. . .

Probably like most of you, I write using a laptop when I’m on the go, and my desktop when I’m home. I often need to update my writing by synchronizing the laptop files with the desktop, and vice versa.

I’m on a wireless home network, and would love to have the files synchronize automatically when the laptop and desktop are within range of each other.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Thanks in advance, Barry

Just so as you know that I’m not ignoring you, I am leaving this one to other users as I rarely sync my computers myself. :slight_smile:

USB Stick.

Yes, that’s not “automatically”, but usually I only work on 1 computer, and I really don’t find it that hard to transfer my current files from one computer to the other. Scrivener makes this as easy as possible, since you only have to copy one project file.

Sure, if you really want this to be done automatically, you need some kind of software solution.

A number of synchronizing apps are on the market. I recommend looking at VersionTracker under System Utilities and then the category Backup / Sync / Recover. Sort by Product Rating and you’ll see a number of shareware and freeware possibilities.

The terms “backup” and “synchronize” are often used to mean the same or similar processes. I prefer a utility that makes an exact Finder copy of files, rather than an encrypted one. I use Synchronize! X Plus from Qdea. It copies only new or modified files. I run it every night to backup my Home folder to a FireWire drive.

If you only want to keep Scrivener files in synch, place them in a common folder and back it up to a flash drive. Then replace the old folder on the second computer with the new folder.

I have Scrivener running on an iMac and an iBook connected by an Airport network. ChronoSync ( keeps the files in sync painlessly for me.

Once a day I just click on the daily-sync icon on the iBook’s desktop, and it syncs its documents folder with the iMac’s.

If I know i’m going to be in and out a lot - i.e. mostly working on the powerbook - I just leave the file there when I’m home and access from the Imac via firewire networking, which is very fast. If I’m going to be home for a few days, I copy the file over manually.


I actually use Synchronize! X Pro to do a full bootable back up of my MBP drive at 3 a.m. every night onto an external drive. You can use it to synchronise folders too, and I’m pretty sure it works across networks, so you should be able to use it to synchronise your Scrivener folders on the two machines automatically at a given time or given frequency, and at any time you can just run the program and do it manually.
If all you want to do is synchronise your Scrivener stuff, the Pro version would be a bit of an overkill and expensive; but having a full bootable back-up happening automatically every night allows me to sleep in peace. :smiley:

I too am on a wireless network with a macbook and an imac. While it’s perfectly easy to copy files across manually, I would often forget - especially as I like to keep different folders in sync, not just a scrivener project.

I’m using Folders Sync X which does the job nicely - just configure which folders to sync and thereafter, hit one button to do the job.

I use ChronoSync (linked above already). I have it set up to automatically synchronize my full “Writing” folder whenever I mount my laptop on my desktop. I also have it set to archive changes and deletions for a period of time in case I ever need to restore something.

I have my laptop set up to backup to a usb stick whenever I mount that particular stick.

Thanks everyone. . .

I’ll check those programs.


I implemented a solution between my PowerBook and PowerMac over Ethernet ('cause I don’t trust wifi security).

I used Synk 4.1 (old version and freeware–grab it it you can find it) to create a sync profile of the two relevant folders on each system. It can be set to do different things; I have it set to copy the newest version of whichever file over to the other system.

I used the freeware Do Something When
to set it to work automatically. Whenever I mount the PowerBook’s Home folder on the PowerMac, DSW launches the Synk file, which shows a Preview of what it’s going to do, then performs the sync when I give it the OK. Another DSW setting unmounts the remote folder when I quit Synk.