How do you take your Scrivener contents on the go?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a Scrivener user for some time now (4 years I’d say), and up to now I used it in a simple and usual manner, meaning that I have an iMac and a macbook and my Scrivener files are located on a local dropbox (cloudstation from synology).

For some time now I’ve been searching for a way to work on my novel when I don’t have my macbook with me (for example, when I have to take the train for a short trip, or when I need to walk a lot before I find inspiration).

After this boring intro, what I wanted to ask is: how do you take your Scrivener character sketches, places, outlines and so on, with you? I’m not asking about how I can write on my iPhone and then import into Scrivener, this is already covered in the forum.

I know that iOS version of Scrivener is coming (I suppose), but in the meantime, how do you have access to your Scrivener data when you’re not using Scrivener? Can I have access to my character sketches and outline on my iPhone?

Thank you very much

First, select the files you want to be in the Dropbox and create a collection for it.

Then, Sync with these options:

Thank you very much, I suppose it was obvious for everyone, but I missed it.

Thanks again.