How do you turn off syncing?

This seems like it would be simple but I can’t find it…

There is an option in the folder sync panel, “Check external folder on project open and automatically sync on close”. Turn that off, and it will be effectively disabled unless you open up the panel and run it yourself. At the moment, you’ll need to run one last sync in order to set this flag, this will be improved in the next version.

You can also move the sync folder it uses to the Trash at any time once you are done with it.

Thanks, the forum made it super-easy to find this.

May I request the ability to keep syncing on open on but turning off sync on close. I love sync on open, but on close it requires me to click through 3 dialogs.

Keith’s the one that makes these decisions, but to me this feels like it would be just a bit too much going on. It makes sense to set your project on automatic or not automatic. Adjusting the type of automatic is getting into an area of overkill.

I agree, I think separate settings would be too much. Plus, there’s no way I’m messing with resizing the complicated Interface Builder file to accommodate more buttons. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. But what about the saving and resaving when closing a document that is set to sync. Every time I close one with this feature ticked off it asks to save it (so I do) then it syncs, then it tells me there are changes and asks if I want to save again. Any way to make the closing sync just happen then close?

PS I don’t think I need to start to tell you how #@$&ing awesome Scriv 2 has been these last few months. I can go on and on and on, but I’ve got writing to do… :wink:

There’s a bug here that no one has been able to provide me with the steps to reproduce yet - you mean you get a “Document has changes” sheet appear after the sync is complete? If so, could you please let me know how I can see it for myself? So far I’ve been unable to see it. It’s on the list for fixing, so any extra information you can provide would be much appreciated.


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I’ve got a screencast for you. Where shall I send it? (Only 1.4 MB)

Just send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll forward it along.

Update: Just letting anyone in a similar situation know that in an emergency the dropbox team will rollback your entire account to an earlier date.
At this point though I’m not sure if doing that is enough to rewind problems caused by a bad sync.

Be very careful doing that. I haven’t actually tested this theory, but hypothetically, if you roll back your sync folder to a date prior than the current project, you could cause the same kinds of problems you’d see if you try to sync two projects together with the same external folder. Those numbers in the file names need to be kept up to date with the project’s own usage of them, so restoring a batch from a while back could cause strange behaviour in the binder.

Besides, if you never disabled snapshots in the sync settings, all of the data in those files should already be in your project, in snapshots.

The key thing to note here is that sync folders have nothing to do with binder structure. They cannot re-order or remove entries in the binder. All they do is contain the text contents of these items, and all Scrivener will ever do is match this content with the appropriate item based on its internal ID and the number in the filename of the external file.

The safest way to do this, if you weren’t using snapshots, is to manually update your project with the files that contain the missing changes, then wipe out the entire sync folder and create a new one from scratch.

So I never sent in my screencast of this issue (sorry gang!) but I guess it didn’t matter. This was fixed weeks ago and now that I’m back poking around the forums I thought I would mention that this isn’t an issue anymore. Great work L&L!