How do you use Keywords?

Me again, lurking over your shoulders…

How do you use the keyword feature of Scrivener? Do you use it? If so - what are your experiences? Does it help you?

I have to admit I still fight with it. On first look, it seemed to be a great idea: Assign the keyword “Gun” to every scene where the gun is mentioned that will play an important part in the showdown and you can see (via search function) all scenes where the gun is mentioned, moved, hidden, stolen or whatever at once and see whether the action around that gun evolves logically or not. (The gun is, of course, only an example.)

But - it seems to be too much bookkeeping for me. Whenever I do a search on a keyword, I am not sure whether I really have all scenes belonging to that “gun”-thread or not. And rightly so, because when I look again, I always find a scene or two I’ve had created at some point and forgot to add the keywords. Or added wrong keywords.

So, I’d like to know how successful users of this feature handle it. Please make me understand what habits I have to acquire.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘successful’ user…not yet at least.

I don’t use keywords in the actual ‘keyword’ sense. I just use the Keywords HUD to keep a list of characters/places/etc. in case I forget the name or how to spell it while writing.

I am guessing you may have missed the many postings on ‘keywords’ on this forum. Just at the top of this page is a little magnifying glass with the word SEARCH next to it. Click on it and enter ‘keyword’ - do not add the ‘s’ to make it plural. It will show all the available references on the entire forum to any entry dealing with ‘keywords’. I just had a look at some of them and they are quite helpful. For example: … ht=keyword … ht=keyword … ht=keyword … ht=keyword … ht=keyword

There several other links to help you if you do a SEARCH.

Hope this helps a bit.



Oh, thanks. I was looking for threads like these, and I did a search indeed - but somehow didn’t find them. Which astonished me a lot.