How do you work with bulleted lists in Scrivener IOS

Hi…I love working with Scrivener IOS, but I can’t for the life of me find the documentation on how to work with bulleted, numbered, lettered etc lists in IOS. I’ve looked in the forum, in the blog, and in the Pdf instructional. Perhaps I’m just using hte wrong search terms.

Is it possible? I can’t find any buttons or options just poking around off and on for the last hr or so

Can you point me to a page where the instructions are?

Or point me to where the options/buttons are?



Haven’t used this yet and therefore tried to feel your pain.

I did. :wink:

It doesn’t seem easy to find indeed…

While editing / writing, you can tap the paintbrush icon in the upper right corner. The formatting menu is scrollable, and right at the bottom (!) of the style menu, you’ll find bulleted and numbered lists! I really wonder, if this is the regular way of getting to that option. If yes, it’s a little too deep down.

However, there is another possibility. If you need those really often, why not adding buttons to the extra formatting bar above the screen keyboard? Tap and hold one of the buttons that you don’t need so often and choose bulleted or numbered lists as a new button.

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Thanks Christian!

I’ll give it a try :smiley:

Christian - it’s almost the same way you get to it with Pages, and the same as in other apps with lists.

You can also add a bullets button to the extended keyboard row if you need them often.

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Thanks, Keith. I’m aware that Scrivener is no different here. Just made a statement. To make it clearer:

IF you need it often, IF you have an iPad mini and IF your screen keyboard is on, the format menu is very short and small (so it does’t overlay the keyboard, I guess), and it’s not obvious that it is scrollable. Hence, the lists aren’t easy to find. I for my part need other entries from this menu less often, so the lists could be further up for my taste. But then, there are certainly many out there with bigger screens, external keyboards and other preferences, so who will you cater… No biggie for me.

Above, I already suggested the one with the extended keyboard row. That’s certainly the easiest way.

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Let me second Christian’s recommendation. I use the extended keyboard row; I have both bulleted and numbered list items on the first two buttons left of center.

In addition, I also have the styles set up and use the menu, but it takes a few more moves to accomplish.