How does one learn about basic features? (such as "comments"

How does one get basic info on Scrivener? I’m not finding much in the knowledgebase, but searching the forums gives a lot of very detailed replies which are confusing me because I don’t know the basics.

I am writing a non-fiction book and want to understand how I will add references. In the forums I’ve seen answers referring to: inspector comments, in line comments, footnotes, endnotes, and annotations. But I can find any basic information about what these are in Scrivener and how to use them. (I also see posts that talk about using third party apps, but again it’s not clear what Scrivener does by itself vs what you need a third party app to do.)

Can someone point me to the basics on this? LIke what you would find in a manual, except I don’t see a manual.


Have you read through the documentation in the user manual yet? This should introduce you to the basics as well as more advanced usage. It doesn’t really provide any advice on how to handle references though, because this isn’t a universal thing. Most people use footnote or endnotes though, so using Scrivener’s features for these should do what you need. Scrivener doesn’t distinguish between the two while writing, you can save that decision for later when you compile.

Have you tried running the Interactive Tutorial?

If not, definitely take the time to go through it. Start Scrivener, then in the New Project dialog choose Interactive Tutorial to create a new Scrivener project named, say, InteractiveTutorial.

I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple of months for some basic writing but only recently took the time to walk through the tutorial. Even with some Scrivener experience the tutorial taught me some useful things.

As far as the manual goes, open a Scrivener project (the aforementioned InteractiveTutorial project for example) then choose Help —> Scrivener Manual to view the manual as a PDF.

Cheers & hope this helps,

Thanks for those. I did get the user manual now that I have downloaded the trial. I was looking for it on the website prior to downloading. But good to learn about the interactive tutorial. I will try that too.

Looks great so far!