How does Scrivener deal with feedback notes?

Hey all.

I’m about to grab the 30 free trial of Scrivener in a few days, as I recently discovered the program’s existence via Youtube, and people seem to fairly rave about how well it does.

I happen to be curious about an issue I just thought of. How does Scrivener handle feedback notes? Like, for example let’s say you’ve hired an editor once you’re done with a project, and need a professional eye to check it over before trying to submit it to an agent or whatever, so that it can be as polished as possible to prevent needing to make further drafts. They will often send multiple versions of a file back in some of the cases I’ve researched. At least one version is likely to have notes or annotations added to it by the editor. How does Scrivener handle something like that? Or is that something you’d have to depend on whatever other word processor(s) you might have (LibreOffice and Corel Write in my case thus far as I won’t fork over near 300 bucks for Microsoft Word nowadays.)