How Does Scrivener Look on iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max ?

I’m a long time Scrivener and Scrivener iOS user, I currently have an iPhone 6 running Scrivener which I use extensively.

I’m now looking to upgrade my iPhone to an iPhone 11 Pro or possibly iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I’m interested to know how Scrivener looks on those devices, which respect to the larger screen. I think it’s been discussed previously for older ‘larger screen’ iPhones to a degree. What features are supported on those newer devices (11 pro and 11 pro max), such as; is the binder displayable/hideable? corkboard? etc

Many thanks…

It looks great on my 11 pro max, but not all projects sync, including those that did so just fine on iphone 7. This is a known issue but proving to be very hard to isolate and fix.

I only have an old iPhone 6+ to test with, but it has roughly the same screen size I think. In landscape orientation, the project screen has a tile + sidebar view like on the iPad, and in projects you’ll get the binder sidebar capability, which also includes the ability to load secondary documents as Quick Reference, into it. There is no Corkboard, there isn’t much space for that—even the project tile view is a bit cramped.

It’s a small improvement on paper, having the binder, but one I find significant given the navigation improvements, never mind split screen editing.

Thanks… looks like the iPhone 6+ has a screen size of 5.5inches and 1920 x 1080 pixels vs the iPhone 11 pro having 5.8inch screen size with 2436x1125 pixels… so I guess if the binder is capable on a 6+ is should be fine for the iPhone 11… I think the Pro Max is just a tad to big to be a phone :wink:

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!

Scrivener looks fine on my 11 Pro. But syncing has been a disaster since August - completely non-functional. (See the 27 page epic topic in the ios bug hunt section).
If you need it to work on your phone, do not upgrade your phone . In a additional 5 or 6 months, they may finally get a fix for it.

This isn’t good for me then… one of the main reasons for upgrade is to have a better phone to work on Scrivener on… I’m assuming the ‘bug’ is Apple/Dropbox mainly… as most of the L&L bugs keith squishes pretty well… unless it’s outside their control… :frowning:

To be clear, only a fraction of devices are impacted, and it isn’t clear whether any particular model is better or worse, as in some cases we’ve had conflicting reports where it works for one person but not another on the same model. I would say it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try. Most stores have a reasonable two week return period, so if it happens to be a lemon then return it. Personally I would not feel bad about that at all, on the grounds that if the halt happens, it’s not unlikely be a broader issue with the phone in general, impacting stability. Every indication is that it is some sort of memory management issue—it is also very likely (though we cannot be certain of course) not a bug in Scrivener, since the same exact data on other models runs smoothly, and the nature or phase of the problem itself happens during a rather low-impact and simple query to the Dropbox API for a file and folder list (something that an old iPhone 4 running iOS 9 can easily do).