How edit a theme or make a new one?

Hello, I really like how dark the “Mellow Yellow” theme is, but the yellow and red elements are really loud and I’d like to make them less so or change them to blue or something. How can I do that? I don’t see a way to edit the menu and toolbar colors. Is making a new theme possible in the trial version?

Everything is possible in the trial version. It is the real version, only with an expiry days counter.

For themes, the guru is @AntoniDol. Search through his threads.
He published a book about them themes, too. (Or he’s about to?)

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Yes, I did. But you should be able to find this info on this forum as well.

Essentially, a theme is a zip-file with a scrtheme extention that contains a PAL palette file, a QSS-Stylesheet, a PREFS- file and an XML-manifest.

Save an existing Theme to file, unzip, update colors in the PAL and QSS, zip and rename, and load from file.

Hope this helps