How far in advance will Beta 4 be released?

Hi all,

I was considering installing the Windows Beta today. But, I see that it expires on March 31st. How many days before that deadline will the next Beta likely appear? I’d just assume waiting a few days if the next version is just around the corner.



They usually wait until the day before the expiration, just so there’s little to no overlap between one beta and the next (avoids having people report bugs that have already been fixed, and makes everyone start testing the same version at about the same time). Often, people start panicking about time zones as the expiration date approaches.

Makes sense. The timezone thing is just accentuated since they’re in England…right?

I guess so? I think the primary Windows dev is in Australia, which ranges from UTC + 8 to +11 (I’m in central USA, which is UCT -6/-5 depending on the season). It’s probably more of an international date line thing, which breaks my brain on the rare occasions when I try to figure it out.

I wouldn’t expect a new beta before the end of March, unless a catastrophic data-destroying bug is found in the mean-time. But do keep in mind that it’s not feature complete yet. I’m under the impression that large chunks of the Compile dialogue has no functioning code behind it, and I know that Scrivenings mode is read-only at the moment.

Please remember that we don’t recommend using beta software (ours or someone else’s) for critical work. If a day or two delay in updating the beta will ruin your life, you shouldn’t be using the beta for that project.

That said, you can expect a new beta to be released a day or two before the old one expires.