How is Scrivener useful for humanities scholarship?

Here is one everyone may find interesting and it is free. A DIY solution.

When going down to the dock is a pain I find doing this alternate helps so it puts my apps at my fingertips no matter where I am either using the dock or just using finder windows…

Here is a picture.

Notice my finder windows at the top? (you will have to scroll right and down in the inline picture) Notice the pull down menu on the side that lists what is not shown?

Notice I can access all my favorite applications from any finder window I open?


:neutral_face: Also another trick is in Leopard making a folder full of shortcuts that is related to that parent folder (Example A folder named writing tools) Inside that folder put SHORTCUTS of the apps that best fit in that category inside that folder. Remove most of the applications from the DOCK except those most commonly used a lot (think top 5). Organize the rest in these shortcut folders. Drop the folders on the RIGHT side of the little line on the dock. In leopard confidure them as stacks, in tiger they are Hierarchal menus.


Poor Mans organized dock. :slight_smile:

Combine that with customizing the Finder Window Headers and you can have everything you need just a mouse click away

This may be one of those things that the Help files say are due to Apple’s handling of text, but I can’t seem to be able to cut and paste into a footnote. My attempts seem instead to split the footnote into two bubbles on either side of the pasted text. Does Scrivener actually handle pasting of text into a footnote, or am I just doing something wrong (even just reading the display wrong)?

So far I actually quite like the way that Scrivener handles footnotes, but since I use MLA formatting they’re used less for citations and more for extra commentary.

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There are two kinds of Paste in Scrivener: 1) Paste and 2) Paste and Match Style.

If you want to paste some text into a footnote in Scriv, use the latter–this will make the pasted text respect the footnote context.


Oh, great! Thanks for explaining that - and extra thanks for doing so without telling me to read the manual fully!! (I intend to do so after I’ve finished this round of papers, of course.)


Great thread.

Re Dock:

System Preferences > Dock > Automatically Hide and Show Dock (ticked)

PS Sweet news about Page Wrap in the next version.