How old is Scrivener?


How old is scrivener? Not just the public stuff, but the real idea…

And yes, this is a leading question. Let’s see if anyone notices…

Depends what you mean by "Scrivener”! Scrivener as a twinkle in KB’s eye? Scrivener as it was when only KB was using it himself? When he first showed it to friends? When he first put it online for others to try? When it got called “Scrivener Gold”? When it was first released as a beta for "Scrivener 1”?

You see, I noticed!

Mr X

There is a unique event today that I thought would be more visible than it appears to be. I may need to allow some time to pass to ensure I don’t get in trouble, but some may be able to deduce the riddle with the given information.

And if you read down through “About us” you will see that my question in the “How long is a piece of string” style, is pertinent!


Mr X

Yup, that was what I was referring to (but I was maintaing Jaysen’s riddle-me-ree/hint-hint approach).


Mr X

I remember Scrivener Gold and that was a ways back… I think 2007?