How should Scratchpad work?

I’m not sure of the intended functionality of the Scratchpad.

This is from the rc9 draft manual:

What’s the intention? Launchable from outside Scrivener if Scrivener is running the the BG? Launchable within Scrivener then toggleable from outside Scrivener?

IOW, what was it indended to do/be?

(BTW, the shortcut now seems to be Alt-Shift-Enter, but that seems to work only from within Scrivener. And it sometimes, but not always, brings the Scratchpad to the front. With the Scratchpad open and hidden, it took three keypresses to bring it forward. The first did nothing. The second closed it. The third relaunched it and brought it to the front.)



The Scratchpad is available from all projects. So if you get an idea anout another project, jot it down in the Scratchpad.

I can use it from outside with Drafts 4, because I have it on Dropbox.
I srite somdthing and then send it to the Scratchpad folder.
Each entry is its own file.